Welcome to Girls Cannabis Club

Girls Cannabis Club is a space for women who love cannabis. Of course, this club is also man-friendly–we don’t care about your gender, we only care about weed.

When you hear the word stoner, you probably think of a dude but gals are stoners as well. We love weed as much as any man does. Actually, we might enjoy it even more.

As women we were taught to be good, shy and self-restrained so that’s why Weed Girls was conceived. This club is the perfect place to be proud to be women and proud to love weed.

Cannabis isn’t a male thing. Remember, the best cannabis is the female one.

You only have to fill out the form to be a cannabis girl or a dude who loves smoking a joint surrounded by women. Everyone is welcome!

If you are coming with friends, please fill the form for each of them.

Every girl and boy has to be over 19 years old to get a membership so everyone must bring a valid ID to prove so. The membership fee is 20 euros and it is annual. At Girls Cannabis Club we don’t offer discounts of any kind, so there is no exception–all members have a 365-day lasting membership.

If you try to show up without filling the form you will probably be rejected.

To avoid any issues, let us recap our
three main rules

Fill the form to
request Information

Check your Email
(Maybe your spam folder)

Please, don’t come

Contact Us

If you would like to visit Girls Cannabis Club, don’t hesitate to contact us.
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